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At Velvet Rose Bakery we provide delicious cakes, cupcakes, macarons and biscuits baked to perfection. Based in the bustling city of Birmingham, all our bakes are made with the utmost care and love  We use the highest quality ingredients and spare no expense when it comes to flavour! But that’s not where it ends. At Velvet Rose Bakery we work tirelessly to not only produce the most delicious bakes, but also present them as luxuriously as the cakes are created themselves.

When placing an order with us, rest assured that we will create something beautiful to cater for any occasion. Our work never ends and we constantly strive to learn new techniques and skills to make your cakes even more perfect.

Nothing is impossible at the Velvet Rose Bakery…hanging? Upside-down? Floating? You name it, we’ve done it! Just describe your vision and we will try our best to incorporate exactly what you want!


All our ingredients are suitable for Vegetarians and are alcohol-free. We don't use Gelatine or Gelatine-substitutes.

Fresh & Premium

We source the highest quality ingredients on the day we bake, with brands such as Callebaut and Massa Ticino.

Collect Direct

All our bakes can be collected right after they're done. This ensures the freshest bakes possible.

Custom Designs

We work with you to ensure your event is catered how you want it and thrive on making unique designs.


Order a cupcake, cake or a custom design through our custom order form.


View our range of bakes including our standard flavours and styles.


Explore our event services for all-in-one catering packages.
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