We can help you with...

Velvet Rose Bakery provides for a variety of circumstances where our products are required. If you're hosting a party, giving a gift or even getting married and need a custom order, let us know and we can work with you to deliver the cakes and cupcakes and nobody will be able to put down those spoons until every crumb is gone.

Ask a question and we can help:

  • We bake everything by hand and this means we can cater to your unique ingredient and presentation requirements. If you'd like more examples of our work, please let us know and we'll be in touch to show you what we do that can help with what you want.
  • We cater to a large variety of events with custom cupcake/cake designs to suit your day. We use only the highest quality ingredients and all our designs are edible. If you'd like a really unique design, let us know and we can walk you through the process to deliver your work of art.
  • We also design and bake cakes for weddings. We know your special day has to be just right and so our process will involve you from start to finish. Let us know using the contact form and we'll deliver your bake exactly how you want it.

Why we are different


All our ingredients are suitable for Vegetarians and are alcohol-free. We don't use Gelatin or Gelatin-substitutes in any of our cakes. All our icing and fillings are made in-house so you can relax when ordering for friends and family.

Fresh & Premium

We use the freshest and highest quality ingredients, with brands such as Callebaut and Massa Ticino. We buy our ingredients on the day we bake so you can trust that it's not just the taste you are eating.

Collect Direct

All our bakes can be collected right after they're done. This way, your cakes aren't drying out on a shop worktop and the cream isn't dripping into a box before you bite into it.

Custom Designs

We work with you to ensure your event is catered how you want it to be. If it's welcoming your child into the world, for your special day or even if you just want a special cake for yourself, you can design for any occasion.