All our flavours are offered as both cupcakes and cakes and are 100% Halal. They do contain nuts and eggs and are therefore unsuitable for those specific dietary requirements.

Vanilla and Jam

A moist vanilla bean sponge, filled with vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam.

Double Chocolate

A delicious chocolate sponge containing chocolate chips, filled with a creamy chocolate buttercream. A choice of extra filling can also be added, for example Nutella, Chocolate pieces and/or chocolate mousse.

Chocolate cupcake

Red Velvet

A chocolate flavoured sponge, coloured red, with a choice of either cream cheese icing or vanilla buttercream.


A tangy lemon flavoured sponge, with a buttercream infused with fresh lemon juice.

Lemon Cupcake


A coconut sponge filled with a white chocolate buttercream. Cupcakes and cakes can be topped with the buttercream and desiccated coconut.

Gulab Jamun

Just like those sticky-sweet deep-fried dough balls, these cupcakes aren't for those on a diet, but are lovely twist on the authentic Asian sweet.

Peanut Butter

A chocolate peanut butter sponge, filled with a peanut butter buttercream. Cupcakes and cakes can be topped with the buttercream, peanut butter chocolate cups and ground peanuts.


A coffee flavoured sponge filled with a white chocolate buttercream.


A moist spiced sponge made with fresh grated carrots, nutmeg and a hint of cinnamon, filled with a rich cream cheese icing. Cakes and cupcakes can be topped with the cream cheese icing, ground carrots and walnuts.

Fresh Cream Cakes & Cupcakes

We also offer a range of fresh cream cakes and cupcakes, which can be decorated in your choice of fruit and/or chocolates.

Drip Cakes

We offer a range of drip designed cakes which can be decorated in different colours and flavours.

The Velvet Rose Bakery Signature Chocolate and Raspberry Log

This swiss roll style dessert is made with an extremely light chocolate sponge, filled with chocolate mousse and fresh cream, which is then rolled and topped with fresh raspberries, a chocolate drizzle and icing sugar.

The Healthy Range

We understand that many of you like to have that sweet treat now and again, but are conscious of the number of calories they include, therefore we are working on a new, healthy range of bakes. At the moment this consists of the following flavours:

Sukry Dates

A fluffy moist sponge made using soft sukry dates and brown sugar, topped with fresh cream.